What is the advantages and disadvantages of travelling?

For both young and old, traveling is a sensory experience, with the thrill of the airplane ride and the hyper-real sensation of everything new and strange. For some, it’s an escape from drudgery, a change of perspective or the cultural equivalent of surfacing for breath. Whatever your reasons for travelling, it’s an experience that will last a lifetime. Regardless of age, travelling has been proven to help with emotional and psychological problems, including loneliness and depression.

Experiencing a different culture is one of the most gratifying parts of traveling, as it forces you to expand your horizons and learn about other people and cultures. It increases dopamine levels in the brain, which are essential for focus and interest. In fact, the Roman philosopher Seneca once said that travel imparts vigor to the mind. So, why wait for the perfect moment to start exploring the world? Get out there and travel!

Depending on your personal tastes, travel can mean taking a vacation at the beach, an adventurous journey, or a destination that offers the perfect Instagrammable sunset shot. The definition of travel is infinite, and the benefits are innumerable. So, what are the advantages of travel? Here are a few:

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