The Impact of Technology on Society

The term technology encompasses a variety of processes and techniques used to make things easier, more comfortable, or more convenient. Some of these innovations started out in industrial settings and have since spread into everyday life. Nowadays, robots are used to clean floors, cars are built almost entirely by machines, and most homes have at least one Roomba robot. But how can we differentiate the good from the bad? Let’s consider some examples and discuss the impact of technology on society.

One of the most popular trends in educational technology is providing students with their own devices. As many as 23 million devices were purchased by schools in 2013, the trend has accelerated. The popularity of the Chromebook and iPad is increasing, thanks to online testing mandates and the widespread adoption of Common Core State Standards. Schools are increasingly moving from relying on teachers’ computers to supplying students with their own devices. Technology is also changing how children learn. Ultimately, technology is changing the way we teach.

The word “technology” derives from two Greek words, “techne” and “logos”. The former means “art” or “skill.” Techne is the term for anything that involves a process that results in a tangible benefit for humans. The latter, on the other hand, is a word that expresses inward thought. In this sense, technology is the way that humans improve their lives through innovation. It has helped people build skyscrapers and wide urban areas.

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