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The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

While email was a popular marketing tool during the early days of digital marketing, the focus soon shifted to search engines, which allowed companies to tag and keyword stuff. Social media sites, like Facebook, also became popular for tracking data. In digital marketing, sources and receivers are referred to as “people” who click on ads and engage with a brand. Those who purchase products are considered sources, while those who view ads are called receivers.

Technology development has been directly related to the development of digital marketing. Ray Tomlinson sent the first email in 1971, using technology that enabled people to send information to each other over different machines. This technology has been officially referred to as digital marketing, and although few marketers practice it today, it is expected to grow substantially by 2020. When done properly, digital marketing will boost a website’s traffic and lead generation. Here are some benefits of digital marketing.

As more people spend time online, traditional advertising is increasingly unworkable. While the Marlboro Man and “Where’s the Beef” taglines were once successful, new technology made it necessary for businesses to change their focus and embrace digital marketing. Digital marketing is now as big as traditional advertising, and is only going to continue to grow as technology changes. But how do small businesses benefit? Small businesses should embrace their size as an asset and scale their digital marketing activities accordingly.

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