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How to Create a Featured Product on Your Blog

If you have a blog that sells more than one item, you might want to add a Featured Product to its front page. This can be a good way to advertise a specialty item. When creating a Featured Product, you can select up to five items to display on your storefront. Your featured items are based on the price sheet that you set for each item. You can change the image you use in the Featured Product if you would like.

You can make use of tools like SEMrush to find keywords that have a Featured Snippet and filters that will remove those that don’t. One way to increase your chances of getting a Featured Snippet is to optimize your content so that Google can pick the right content for it. For example, if your keyword is “how to”, try using a definition of that word at 40-60 words. Another way to help your Featured Snippet get chosen is to add a “What is X” directly above the definition.

Featured is also used to describe a long piece of writing, a feature. It often covers a specific issue in more depth than a news story. It may also explore an ongoing story from a unique angle. The feature article is also known as a “feather-like” article, a specialized piece of writing that focuses on a specific person, place, or event. For example, a person with a very attractive face is considered a beautiful physical beauty, a feature in her hair or face.

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