Healthy Food – 7 Basic Categories of Food

Each country in the world has its own culture influenced by its cuisine. Using different types of ingredients and cooking styles, different cuisines blend to form a unique mix of delicious culinary delights. Today, most people can enjoy a wide range of cuisines. In this article, we’ll discuss 7 different categories of food and how the basic staples of our diets can be turned into delectable dishes. Despite the global economic crisis, Americans can eat a diverse range of foods and still keep their health and waistlines in check.

Most cultures consume grains in some form, whether they are dried, roasted, or cooked. In the West, we consume far too much red meat, although we are not known for eating it raw. Hamburgers, meatballs, and sausages are common meals for Westerners. Other delicacies from the sea include oysters, razor clams, and scallops. Some cultures have traditionally eaten turkeys for their Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Turkey is common in many parts of Europe, including the United States. Italy and Spain are famous for their dry-cured hams, while bacon is a staple of American breakfasts.

Although eggs are a dairy product, they are not actually meat. They are a product of birds and contain a variety of nutrients. In general, they’re best consumed in small quantities and only on special occasions. If you’re a fan of red meat, you should examine how often you eat it and consider replacing it with fish or poultry instead. These options are healthier and more nutritious than you might think! This article discusses the four basic food categories.

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